UVic Clarinet Audition Information

Audition requirements for the UVic undergraduate and graduate clarinet programs are listed below. A detailed list of steps to schedule an audition and apply to UVic is on the UVic School of Music website.

If you are interested in auditioning you should contact Dr. Earle directly to express your interest, ask any questions, and for assistance completing a successful audition.

Here are are few tips for audition success:

  • Make plans to audition and apply early. Select the music you will perform early to give you lots of time to practice. Audition materials should be selected in consultation with your clarinet teacher.
  • Seek out a clarinet teacher to help you prepare for your audition if you do not already have a private teacher. If you would like contact information for a clarinet teacher, email Dr. Earle who can provide you with contact information for a clarinet teacher even if you aren’t located in BC or in Canada!
  • Perform your audition materials for different people, even if they don’t play your instrument.  You can get a lot of great sight from musicians who play different instruments.
  • Slow Practice! Practice materials slow and accurately to start. A slower accurate performance will always be better than a fast messy one. That being said, an in time and accurate performance is best!
  • Record yourself playing often. You can even use the voice recorder on your smartphone to record! You will often hear inconsistencies in the recording that you won’t hear in performance. I recommend listening back with headphones for a more accurate playback of your recording.
  • Practice your scales in a variety of different orders (circle of 4ths, circles of 5ths, chromatically, etc.) Be sure you know your scales and arpeggios in any order.
  • Dress professional but comfortable to your audition. If wearing a tie makes it hard to breath, leave the tie at home.
  • Be prepared to possibly be interrupted. The audition committee would love to hear everyone play all of their music, however this isn’t always possible. If we interrupt your performance this simply means we have heard enough of your playing to make an accurate assessment. Be sure to prepare all of your music.
  • A short interview will take place after your audition. Be prepared to answer questions about your musical background, academic history, and interests. If you have questions this is a great time to ask them.
  • Leading up to your audition don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Earle if you have questions.

Undergraduate Clarinet Audition Requirements

  • One odd-numbered and one even-numbered selection of your choice from Cyrille Rose, 32 Etudes for clarinet. Click here for a pdf copy of Rose 32. 
  • Two contrasting movements of your choice from the Classical period or Romantic period, demonstrating technique and style Or A movement from the Classical or Romantic period and one selection from the 20th C. repertoire
  • sight-reading
  • Major, minor, and chromatic scales and arpeggios, up to four sharps and flats
  • Live auditions are preferred. A high quality recording will be accepted for students who cannot travel to UVic for an in-person audition.
  • Though accompaniment is not required in the auditions,  you are encouraged to bring an accompanist. There are also local pianists available for hire for the auditions.  For a list of qualified accompanists, please contact the School of Music (music@uvic.ca).

Graduate Clarinet Audition Requirements

  • The exposition from movt. 1 of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto K. 622. 
  • Two contrasting movements from any works demonstrating your highest level of performance. Works maybe selected from year 3 and year 4 of Undergradute Repertorie Suggestions or another work or equal or greater difficulty.
  • Live auditions are preferred. A high quality recording will be accepted for students who cannot travel to UVic for an in-person audition.
  • Works with piano accompaniment must be presented with a pianist. The exposition of the Mozart Concerto maybe performed without piano. Please contact the music office to hire a pianist for other works.