Lesson Information

What is a typical lesson like?
First lesson:

In your first lesson we will spend a bit of time chatting about your musical goals, the ways you learn best, and your likes and dislikes. This discussion helps me determine the structure of lessons and the most effective repertoire and etudes that will help you achieve your goals. Also in the first lesson, I will have you play so I can evaluate what you are doing well and what can be improved. For students that are new to the clarinet, we might skip this step. In the remaining lesson time I will provide warm-up material and technique for you to work on for the following week. I will also suggest repertoire, equipment such as reeds or mouthpiece,

After your first lesson:
After your first lesson it is always important to practice your clarinet in preparation for the following lesson. This is the best way to see progress and achieve your goals. The amount of time your will need to practice depends on your goals. For example, if a student is planning to audition for university, they should  practice at least 2-3 hours daily. For beginner clarinetists a half hour a daily will be enough.
I begin each lesson by asking if students had challenges in their practice week that we can work on during their lesson. Lessons takes various shapes depending on the students energy, practice, learning needs, and likes and dislikes. Typically I like to plan lessons like my own practice routine which includes:

  • Long tones
  • Scales
  • Articulation
  • Etudes and studies
  • Repertoire/Duets

This loose structure focuses on the fundamentals of playing and repertoire. However, this order will vary and sections may be added or omitted based on each students goals and learning needs. At the end of every lesson I leave time for students to ask questions just in case there is something that needs clarification from earlier in the lesson.

I offer private, group, and chamber music lessons. My rates are as follows on a sliding scale:

Private clarinet lesson charges:
1 hour – $75
45 min – $60
30 min – $50

Group clarinet lesson charges (per student)
1 hour – $55
45 min – $40
30 min – $30

Private lessons are great for students who want direct individualized attention and want to improve faster. Group lessons are an exciting way to learn in a collaborative setting and also have the opportunities to play in small groups. Groups for group lessons should be pre-form. Please contact me directly for lesson guidelines and payment schedules.

Live far from Regina? No Problem!
If you don’t live in Regina but are interested in lessons there are options to still study with me. I offer lessons over Skype and FaceTime at the same rates as above. With a good internet connection computer lessons can be just as effective as in-person. I have taught numerous students on Skype even as far away as the United Kingdom! Please contact me about scheduling Skype lessons.