About the UVic Clarinet Studio

The UVic School of Music and Clarinet Studio provides a nurturing environment for clarinetists to refine, experiment, and explore clarinet artistry. Being a smaller and competitive research institution offers students many performance opportunities, specialized attention, and the opportunity to be on the cutting-edge of research and developments in music. All undergraduate students must audition on an instrument and study that instrument while at UVic. Most undergraduate clarinetists will take general music or a concentration in education or performance. Clarinet students may also concentrate on music history, composition, and music theory More information about the specializations within a Bachelor of Music degree can be found here.

UVic also offers clarinet graduate studies including a Master’s in Music Performance and Master’s in Musicology with Performance. Auditions are also require for graduate clarinetists to be admitted to these programs. Information on these programs can be found here. 

All clarinetists at UVic will perform in a large ensemble (typically the University Orchestra or Wind Symphony), chamber ensemble (duos, trios, quartets, quintets, sonic lab), participate in weekly lessons, and weekly studio classes. Additionally, undergraduate performance majors and graduate students participate in a weekly integrated performance seminar. Clarinetists are also encouraged to take part in performances on and off campus including studio recitals, public masterclasses, and the weekly FridayMusic Series.

Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate clarinetists. For entering students scholarships are largely based your audition and academic works. Additionally, graduate students are encouraged to apply for paid teaching assistant positions.

After graduation UVic clarinet students continue to graduate studies as well as successful careers as high school music teachers, university clarinet professors, leaders in arts curriculum development, orchestral performers, solo performers, and leaders in arts organizations. UVic clarinet studio graduates are leaders in musical communities and engage with society through their art. Click here to see the accomplishments of UVic alumni. The UVic clarinet studio offers a challenging and rewarding environment to nurture students love of the clarinet, musical passion, and talent by facilitating the development of each students unique musical voice.