Navigating Online Clarinet Advice

There are more clarinetists than ever sharing tips and ideas about playing clarinet online (including this website). It's truly wonderful that information about our art is so readily available and freely shared. However, because every clarinetist has individual philosophies and ideas about playing, there is a lot of conflicting information. This can be confusing for … Continue reading Navigating Online Clarinet Advice

Practicing with a Pitch Drone

Practicing tuning with a pitch drone is one of the best ways to improve your intonation. Using a tuner is also important when practicing, however a tuner provides visual cues to indicate if you are sharp or flat. In rehearsal and performance the tuner won't be helpful and the ear will be the only guide. … Continue reading Practicing with a Pitch Drone

The Cross-Cultural Clarinet

I will be releasing my first album “The Cross-Cultural Clarinet” on January 20th 2020. It will be available on all streaming services. This album features works by Tawnie Olson, John Mayer, Robert Rosen, Derek Charke, Sandy Moore, and Elliot Weisgarber. Click here to read more about this recording The album features works influenced by different … Continue reading The Cross-Cultural Clarinet

How to Play with Beautiful Throat Tones

Throat tones have the weakest tone quality and projection on the clarinet. While other registers are dark, focused, and project well, throat tones are often airy, unfocused, lack projection, and out of tune. This area of the clarinet range encompasses all the notes between E4 and Bflat 4. Throat tones use the top quarter of … Continue reading How to Play with Beautiful Throat Tones

Learning to Embrace the Clarinet Squeak!!!

Squeaking is often a dreaded feature of playing the clarinet. The acoustics of the clarinet make it overblow at every other interval (the first partial is a 12th). Other wind instruments, like the flute, oboe, bassoon, and saxophone, overblow at regular intervals (the first partial is an octave). This feature creates the dark tone colour … Continue reading Learning to Embrace the Clarinet Squeak!!!

The Secret to Successfully Beginning the Clarinet

It is important to provide students with a good foundation when starting the clarinet. This will ensure student success and enjoyment in the future. Throughout my teaching career I have started countless clarinet students and have learned that beginning students with the barrel and mouthpiece alone is a great way to ensure a good embouchure … Continue reading The Secret to Successfully Beginning the Clarinet