Resonance Fingerings

In my previous post, “How to Play with Beautiful Throat Tones”, I discussed how to improve the resonance and tone quality of throat tones. In this post I also outlined that throat tones have a weak tone quality because they only engage the top quarter of the clarinet with the rest of the lower tone holes open. Resonance fingerings are a great way to increase resonance and improve intonation by adding fingers on the lower three quarters of the clarinet. I often use these fingerings in slow lyrical passages. When playing fast resonance fingerings are less ideal because there often isn’t enough time to add extra fingers. The resonance fingerings below are effective, but should always be checked with a tuner and pitch drone to ensure they are in tune. Because each clarinetists setup is different, it is important to experiment with variations on these fingerings by adding or removing fingers for the best tone and intonation.


G sharp


B flat






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